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We've made every effort for you, providing a portal to comprehensive information and advice into each Medical facility, Specialist Doctors, and concentrating or implementing it to deliver the best well-respected medical care services to patients in Abu Dhabi, UAE through the Highgate International . You'll get the best care from specialists who put your health and well-being first in everything they do. Abu Dhabi is well-known for its world-class healthcare services. HIH  Al Danah Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE, part of the Highgate International of Hospitals, has gained the reputation of being one of the Best Hospitals in Abu Dhabi for every sort of specialization over the years.

Get an Expert Healthcare Opinion from one of our world-renowned doctors in Abu Dhabi so you can make informed health decisions. We understand that going to the hospital can be stressful and scary and that knowing more about your new doctor before meeting them in person can be helpful.  Al Danah Hospital is the best hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE started its operation in 2012 onwards and now after rebranding, we are Highgate International Hospital Abu Dhabi, part of the Highgate International of Health and Medical Services, which provides world-class healthcare services with outstanding performance.

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The Best Hospital in Abu Dhabi

Highgate International Hospital is the first hospital worldwide to receive the EIAC Hospital Accreditation (Emirates International Accreditation Center). We aim to strive and provide the best quality of patient care which makes us different and the best hospital in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi provides truly world-class healthcare, with a wide set of specialists working in state-of-the-art medical care facilities. Most of the best hospitals in Abu Dhabi are under Highgate International . If you're an expat, a health tourist, or someone else looking to fly to Abu Dhabi for medical treatment and wants to know which hospitals are the best in the city, then you are at the right place for the information you need, including Specialised departments and Doctor's specializations.  Highly skilled doctors, surgeons, and consultants at Highgate International Hospital Abu Dhabi await you, as do fantastic facilities, excellent nursing, and outstanding after-care. If you, a friend, or someone you care about wants to make a good, reliable, well-informed decision on which Abu Dhabi hospital to choose for the best healthcare services in Abu Dhabi, you can definitely suggest Highgate International Hospital Abu Dhabi

Highgate International Hospital, part of the Highgate International of Health and Medical Services, provides world-class healthcare services with outstanding performance. HIH always strives to achieve the highest standards of medical quality and is always keen to provide the best medical services with a group of skilled consultants and specialists. The hospital is located in Al Danah - Abu Dhabi, ensuring easy access for patients from all over the Emirates and GCC countries due to its close proximity to the airport. Highgate International Hospital opened in 2012 and has earned a solid reputation for providing an international standard of high-quality care delivered in a safe, comfortable, and newly equipped facility. Upon its opening, in the same year, the hospital received international accreditation, the Joint Commission International Award for meeting the highest standards of quality care and patient safety.

Highgate International (Health and Medical Services)

In 2012, Highgate International opened its first hospital in Abu Dhabi to be awarded prestigious recognition within a year, Highgate International Hospital.

Later on, HIH opened its first specialized care focusing on sports medicine and rehabilitation “HIH FIFA Medical Center of Excellence”, having international accreditation from FIFA and AFC.

Following the expansion of Highgate International , DxBone Excellence Center was opened dedicated to providing medical care for all Orthopedic Musculoskeletal disorders.

By end of 2021, Highgate International opened its second multispecialty hospital, Highgate International Hospital.